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            (A)       GX-20 FM-200 Extinguishing System (Halon Alternatives)

CET Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Has been awarded the Distributorship of “ Kidde” GX20 FM-200 and
Kidde products in the territory of Malaysia by Kidde Fire Protection, United Kingdom.

The Company is involved in the supply of Fire Protection System and Equipment.  The main product of
the Company is the “ Kidde GX20 FM-200 Fire Suppression System” from the Untied Kingdom.

Lately, due to environmental issues such as ozone depletion substances phase out which is mainly used
in manned area e.g. computer rooms, the fire industries are going through a difficult time to
get replacements.  However, the company has been appointed the distributor for such replacement
by Kidde Fire Protection, Untied Kingdom.  And is working very hard to get the replacement into
the market in the immediate future.

Although FM-200 can be used in most areas like sub-station, control rooms & etc.  the company
is presently concentrating on mainly petrochemical plants, computer rooms in banks, financial
institutions and other users who require to protect its heavy investment cost and vital information which
is irrecoverable as the target for FM-200.  The other areas of importance are the museum and libraries.


            (B)       Kidde – Wet Chemical Extinguishing System

The other product aggressively promoted by the Company under “Kidde” is Kidde Wet Chemical
Agent which is used for kitchen hood protection.  Previously, gases like CO2 and halon were
very commonly used in commercial cooking areas.  However, if gases of such kinds are used in
kitchen hood fires, there is a very high possibility of flash back as the fire in kitchen hoods are
normally started by the grease which can reach a temperature of 2000F. In fact, these gases have
no cooling effect for the appliances but they are normally only effective in cutting off oxygen supply to
the surface of a fire, thereby leaving the appliances still hot.  Whereas, the Kidde Wet Chemical
which actually contains potassium salt which when discharged reacts with the grease and forms a foam
on the appliances thereby cutting off the oxygen supply and giving it a cooling effect.


            (C)       Addressable Fire Alarm and Detection System

                This is a high tech computerized fire control system for high rise building and large facilities.


            (D)       HSSD SMOKE Detection System

                This is an economical self contained air sampling high sensitivity smoke detector.  Providing the earliest
possible detection.  Even in high air velocity environment.


            (E)       LHD Heat Detection System

                This is a complete heat detection system contained in a single small diameter cable, suitable for long narrow areas.


            (F)       Smoke and Heat Detector

Smoke                - Ionization
- Photoelectric

Heat                   - Fixed Temperature, Rate of Rise, Combined







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